I help those young at heart with their

mobility, strength and balance

so that they can maintain an active lifestyle.

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I help those young at heart with their mobility, strength and balance so that they can maintain an active lifestyle.

Practice Pilates from the comfort of home

My group classes are designed to make everyone feel included.

Every participant receives individual corrections to ensure that they are exercising safely and improving.

The individual attention that I give to each and every client makes my classes unique.

Welcome to Perfect Poise Pilates

Delve deeper into your practice

One-to-one online classes will help you address any specific movement issues you are facing.

If you struggle with certain exercises, are rehabilitating or are working towards a fitness goal the refined attention of these sessions will really benefit you.

Older lady practicing Pilates

Welcome to Perfect Poise Pilates,
I’m Danielle


I love Pilates and have been practicing it for over 20 years. I discovered it as a teenager and spent years dipping in and out of it. I was always drawn back as nothing else helped me alleviate the neck and back pain I felt from daily activities like driving and sitting at a desk. Not only did I find that Pilates rid me of these annoying niggles but that with regular practice it kept them away completely. 

As we journey through life it is so important to maintain a supple and healthy body, to stay strong and energised and tackle our daily aches and pains. Pilates is key in preserving our current physical condition, improving any daily discomforts and protecting ourselves against future injuries. Start your Pilates journey with Perfect Poise Pilates and rise above the notional limitations of age.

Older lady practicing Pilates

Danielle is a highly professional teacher and is meticulous about safety. She delivers classes that offer the appropriate level of support and challenge to a very mixed, very friendly class.

Danielle’s class has had a really positive impact on my life – I’m fitter and more flexible and I enjoy the company of our lovely group. If you’re thinking about trying this class I’d wholeheartedly recommend you give it a go.

Liz Lee

Before I joined Danielle’s Pilates class I suffered from stiff neck and shoulders.

Since I started the Pilates class I have learnt to relax through the techniques of breathing, stretching and posture and my neck and shoulder stiffness is a thing of the past!

Jin Choo

My balance, core strength and overall condition have improved immensely since beginning Pilates with Danielle. It has made a great deal of difference to my body, increasing my flexibility and balance which is extremely important as one ages.

Her care and ability to look at the detail to help each individuals’ needs is extraordinary.  I am constantly telling friends and co-workers how Pilates has enhanced my posture and wellbeing. The stretching and strengthening of muscles I didn’t know existed is continually surprising and helping to improve my quality of life.

David Eyles

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