Online & In-Person Classes

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Group Classes


In all of my group classes, I make sure that everyone feels included, safe and supported. What makes my classes unique is the individual attention that I give to each and every member of the group. I keep my class sizes small so that I am able to maintain this high level of observation.

Pilates helps to improve and maintain our sense of balance which in turn helps to prevent future falls. As our bodies become stronger they also become more resistant to injury and less affected by daily aches and pains. Pilates being a mind and body exercise is also hugely helpful in helping to calm and focus the mind, creating a sense of mental wellbeing.

I love sharing my knowledge with clients and helping them to move away from pain and towards better mobility and ease of movement. You will find a secure and welcoming environment in all of my classes.

Beginner Level Classes

My beginner level class is suitable for those that have never practiced Pilates before or are newer to it.

Exercises and techniques are taught in a clear, concise manner enabling you to get to grips with the basic Pilates principles and movements.


Danielle Valens doing Mat Pilates Front Support Exercise

Improver Level Classes

This improver level class is suitable for anyone who’s practiced Pilates before and has a basic understanding of the principles of Pilates movement.

It is a step up from beginner level and will build upon the knowledge and skills you have already learned.

Mixed Level Classical Classes

This is a challenging mixed level class suitable for both new and experienced movers. The class focuses on the classical mat exercises developed by Joseph Pilates 

Of course all Pilates is based on his exercises, this class however follows the sequence as he prescribed it.

One-to-One Classes


My attention to detail is invaluable when it comes to one-to-one sessions. These sessions allow the time to really drill down into specific problem areas, injuries or movement difficulties. They allow the time to examine habitual movement patterns in order to identify what may be causing imbalances within the body.

One-to-one sessions are tailored specifically for your body to meet your health and fitness goals and to fit into your time schedule. If you’re struggling with an injury, wanting to get stronger or suffering from persistent neck or back pain these classes could really help you. Whatever your issue we can work on a suitable programme for your body.

Danielle is a professional, encouraging, patient and supportive teacher and she provides detailed explanation throughout the exercises. Having practiced Pilates for many years with a variety of teachers I feel as though I finally have a much greater level of understanding of what I am doing within each exercise and as a result feel much stronger.

Having one to ones has significantly improved how I work within my group session classes where she creates a friendly but always professional atmosphere.

The back pain I have suffered with for a number of years, often made worse in classes with previous Pilates teachers, has hugely improved since working with Danielle.

I have various other issues as a result of a couple of car accidents, various sprains, broken bones, frozen shoulders etc but these are all now effectively managed with Danielle’s help.

I can recommend Danielle without hesitation and feel blessed to have found her.

Heather Smith

Danielle’s Pilates classes have really helped me manage my hyper-mobility. She is very attuned to what my body needs in each session, and has a positive, genuine and relaxed teaching style which I really appreciate.

Since working with Danielle, my body feels a lot stronger. 

Carla Calimani

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