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Online Live Classes

Workout with confidence knowing that you are doing the exercises correctly. I will be there, LIVE with you helping you correct your posture and positions.

No longer worry about travelling to classes, just roll out your mat and log on from wherever you are.

Pilates is a low-impact training suitable for all fitness levels and ages, it doesn’t matter what age, gender, fitness level, posture type or ability you are.

If you want to get the most out of your workout, exercise safely and feel better in your body and mind, then these classes are for you.


Mondays 9.45am | Mixed Level Pilates

Tuesdays 6.00pm | Mixed Level Pilates

Thursdays 9.30am | Improver Level Pilates

Thursdays 10.45am | Beginner Level Pilates

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact me by email or by phone on 07958 900 288.


Mondays 9.45am    

Classical Pilates

Tuesdays 6.00pm    

Mixed Level Pilates

Thursdays 9.30am    

Beginner Level Pilates

Thursdays 10.45am    

Improver Level Pilates

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact me by email or by phone on 07958 900 288.

For beginners and improvers

New to Pilates?

Sign up to get to grips with basic Pilates principles and movements. You will be guided through the essential poses and techniques in a natural progression, so you’ll feel confident and comfortable while practising at home.

Ready to improve?

Improver level classes are for anyone who’s practised Pilates before and has a basic understanding of the principles of Pilates movement.

It is a step up from the beginner level and will build upon the knowledge and skills you have already learned.

Enjoy Pilates anywhere

Online classes can be enjoyed from any device – including phones, tablets, desktop computers and even smart TVs.

All you need is an internet connection!

Simply log in and join in!

If using a phone or tablet, we recommend placing the device on its side for a larger picture.

Pilates is for everybody regardless of age or physical ability.

I see the difference regular practice has on my clients and myself and am passionate about teaching others the multi-layered benefits that it offers.

Meet your teacher

Hello, I’m Danielle.

I love Pilates and have been practicing it for over 20 years. I discovered it as a teenager.

I was always drawn to Pilates as nothing else helped me alleviate the neck and back pain I felt from daily activities like driving and sitting at a desk.

Since then, I have gained a wealth of experience and have trained with Body Control Pilates, and gained my Comprehensive Studio certification with Polestar Pilates.

I feel fortunate and privileged to have taught now for 10 years delivering mat-work and studio classes to amazing clients.

I have helped people from all walks of life and fitness levels, suffering from injuries and conditions including osteoporosis, disc herniation, Multiple Sclerosis, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Spondylolisthesis, arthritis, hip and knee replacements, shoulder impingements and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Client Testimonials

I have been practising Pilates for a number of years and I found Danielle to be one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and provides clear instructions and feedback. She always creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere which makes me look forward to our sessions.

She has helped me on several occasions to recover quickly from injuries and knows just from how I stand or walk if there is an imbalance that needs to be dealt with. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Sabine Buckley

Before I joined Danielle’s Pilates class I suffered from stiff neck and shoulders. Since I started the Pilates class I have learnt to relax through the techniques of breathing, stretching and posture and my neck and shoulder stiffness is a thing of the past!

Jin Choo

Her care and ability to look at the detail to help each individuals’ needs is extraordinary. I am constantly telling friends and co-workers how Pilates has enhanced my posture and wellbeing. The stretching and strengthening of muscles I didn’t know existed is continually surprising and helping to improve my quality of life.

David Eyles

Your Questions, Answered.


What do I need for the classes?

To join the live online matwork classes all you need is some space, a mat and a device such as a mobile or laptop and an internet connection.


How fit do I need to be?

All ability levels are welcome! As these sessions are live, I will be able to teach you to your level and help you get the most out of the sessions.  If you’ve never practised Pilates before then it’s best to start with a Beginner class before moving on to the mixed or improver level classes.

If you’re not sure which class is for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch either drop me a line at or give me a call on 07958 900 288.


How often should I do Pilates?

We suggest that you do a session of Pilates twice a week.


What is the cancellation policy?

There is a 24 hour notice period for any cancellations. You can reschedule any appointments before this time. Late cancellations will incur the full session payment.


How do I book?

Add your details to the booking form, and click on pay now. You will see your order receipt with a ‘schedule’ link which lists all of the available classes. Simply sign up for the classes you wish to attend. You will receive confirmation emails for your order and class bookings. 


How long are the sessions valid for?

The 6-Class package is valid for 2 months from purchase.


What are the benefits of Pilates?

There are so many benefits, Pilates can:

    • alleviate neck and back pain
    • prevent injuries
    • tone and sculpt your buttocks, thighs and arms
    • enhance sports performance
    • improve your posture
    • increase your flexibility and mobility
    • flatten your stomach and trim your waist
    • increase your energy
    • reduce stress and anxiety
    • improve your balance


How do the classes work?

All classes take place on Zoom, once you book a class you will be emailed the Zoom link. This will be resent on the day of your class so you won’t need to scroll through your emails to find it!


What if I have questions on the day?

You will have time to ask any questions before and after the class, and can always unmute yourself if you need to ask something during the class.


Can I talk to someone before I book?

Yes! Of course. If you have any questions I’d love to help so please contact me, Danielle, either by email or by phone on 07958 900 288.