Danielle Valens doing Rowing on Pilates Reformer

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Mondays 9.00am

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I really enjoy Danielle’s classes and would recommend her services. She provides clear instructions that are easy to follow.

During the lessons, Danielle demonstrates exercises of varying levels of difficulty. I like the variety and learning new and challenging movements.

As a result of the lessons, I have improved my flexibility and core strength. Danielle is very conscientious and knowledgeable about Pilates. She is also very friendly and her classes are always fun.


Layla Ferguson

Danielle was recommended to me by a friend. I’d been used to doing more cardio based exercise but recognised I needed to slow down and start to work on my core, flexibility and posture and importantly, on my concentration.

Danielle is an excellent teacher and a very hands-on one. She walks round the class, gently easing you into the right position so that you’re doing the exercise correctly, which is so important. She’s also extremely good at explaining where and how you should be feeling the movements as you’re doing them. Everything is geared towards you understanding how to do the exercises correctly for maximum benefit.

I feel my core is getting stronger, my posture has definitely improved and I have greater flexibility, particularly along my spine.

Danielle manages a nice balance of professionalism and friendliness in her classes. It’s an hour to yourself in a calm and positive atmosphere. I always look forward to my next class – and I truly walk taller when I leave!

Jane O'Donoghue

Before I started Pilates, I was beginning to experience an increasing amount of pain from my arthritic hip. I was stiff and my mobility was impaired.

I found Danielle to be sympathetic to my illness. She introduced me to Pilates in a way that gradually re-balanced my body. What was most significant was the work she and I did together in strengthening the muscles in my affected hip. I liked the way that each session would be geared around how I was when I arrived and that we would focus on whichever part of me was most painful, or stiff.

The exercises meant that I had sufficient mobility to take two major overseas trips a few months before my hip operation and to enjoy them, although they were physically challenging.

Doing Pilates with Danielle has meant that my recovery from my second hip operation was much smoother and easier than from the first. The muscles seemed to connect up much more easily. I am elderly and it is so good to feel that I can enjoy walking and cycling and gradually extend my range.

Oddly enough, lockdown has actually helped in that I now do Danielle’s online classes three times a week and I’ve noticed how much that is helping to loosen up and stretch muscles and joints that have got weaker and tighter over a lifetime.

I really value the personal attention that Danielle pays to each of her clients, so that classes are about a journey rather than a routinised set of exercises. My life has definitely been enriched through working with Danielle so that I feel that old age doesn’t necessarily have to be about closing down and doing less, but rather it can be about doing more.


Marion Roberts